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Water Treatment Chemical
Water Treatment Chemical is used in purifying the water by removing the impurities, killing germs and bacteria making it safe for drinking and other uses. The water is passed through this chemical which helps in cleaning the water by removing dirt, dust, solid particles and other impurities.
Karanja Oil
Karanja Oil is highly recommended for inclusion in moisturizers and hair care products where emollience is desired. This oil is widely used to treat eczema, psoriasis, skin ulcers, dandruff and to promote wound healing. This oil is very cost effective and can be easily availed at cheaper rates.
Disinfectants act as a chemical agent which are applied to non-living objects in order to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould or mildews living on the objects. These offered agents are widely appreciated by our customers, in the market. These chemicals are very effective as well as economical too. 
Food Chemical
Food Chemical play an important role in food production and preservation. This chemical is widely used to make food tastier. This chemical is one of the best sources of nutrition. This offered chemical can play an important role in food production and preservation. This chemical is very effective as well as economical too. 
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial Chemicals is used for different applications in different industries. This chemical is used in the production of all our energy and consumer goods. This chemical is very effective and also used in different purposes. This chemical is easy to use and safe to handle. 
General Chemicals
General Chemicals are manufactured and supplied by our skilled workers by making use of premium grade of raw materials and latest technology. These chemicals can be used in a range of commercial, manufacturing, municipal and industrial process applications. These are manufactured to the highest quality standards to deliver superior performance.
Cooling Tower Chemical
Cooling Tower Chemical is provided to you by our company is used for removing the impurities from the water and making it cool for further usage. This chemical helps in vanishing the harmful particles from the water, leaving a clean and a cooler liquid behind.
Agro Chemical
Agro Chemical is known as chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, which are widely used in agriculture to control pests and disease and promote growth. This chemical is mainly used to kill weeds, to get rid of diseases, as well as to kill bugs. This chemical protects field crops from disease, pests and weeds.
Liquid Chemical
Liquid Chemical is used as ingredients in finished products and to improve manufacturing processes. This chemical is manufactured because of their performance or function. This chemical is widely used and effective to use. This is used as ingredients in finished products and to improve manufacturing processes.
Sodium Compound
Sodium Compound is widely used as a heat exchanger in many nuclear reactors. This compound also acts as a reagent in the chemical industry. This compound is added to food and used to de-ice roads in winter. This chemical has strong metallic structure.
COVID - 19 Special
COVID - 19 Special is widely manufactured, supplied, and exported by our company. This product is used for protecting you from the effect of virus, keeping you safe and secure as well as healthy too. This product is very effective and are recommended by doctors to keep people safe.
Aqua Culture And Minerals
Aqua Culture and Minerals help in osmoregulation and nutrient transfer to the cells. These minerals improve digestion, the absorption that leading to fast growth rate and high weight gain. These minerals are tested under various parameters to ensure its effectiveness and high performance. These are environmentally friendly as well as aqua farmers friendly too.

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